Best Sound Deadening Drapes: Controlling Noise Pollution in Your Home

sound deadening drapes

Looking for sound deadening drapes to drown out the noise outside your home? Discover the best sound deadening drapes and fabrics right here!

Are you looking for some sound deadening drapes to control the noise in your house or apartment? It is not too uncommon for people to have noise issues, especially in apartments.  Unless a building is specially built to deal with noise, loud noises outside can easily be heard indoors, moving sleeping or spending time in certain parts of your home difficult.  While you can just deal with the noise or move, there are sound deadening window treatments available to give you control once again with the noise in your home.  While it may not completely eliminate noise in your home, it will drastically reduce it!

Review of Sound Deaden Drapes

When it comes to noise, nothing is a better way of controlling the noise in your home than sound deadening window treatments.  Many of us assume that the walls in our home are good enough to block noise, but in many cases, our walls are just not thick enough. This makes our noise very noisy when construction is going on outside or you live off a busy street.  The most common sound deadening window treatments available today are sound deadening drapes. These specially made thick drapes block noise, and light as well, giving you a more comfortable environment when you are sleeping or entertain.

Do Sound Deadening Drapes Work?

If you are living in a prebuilt home or apartment, sound deadening drapes are likely your best option for dealing with noise. The only problem with using heavy drapes, such as sound deadening drapes, is the problem that they will not completely eliminate all of the noise in your home.  The only way to do that is making your walls thicker, something which is very difficult to do once your home has been built. While it can be done, it is usually a very expensive endeavor that most homeowners cannot afford.

Most people will find that there is drastically improved with the addition of sound deadening drapes in their home. For these drapes to work, you put these heave drapes across the whole wall where most the noise is occurring, or just over the windows if the noise isn’t too bad. This will drastically decrease the amount of noise you are hearing from outside, allowing you to sit back and relax in a much quieter home.

Purchasing Heavy Drapes for Sound Control

One of the only problems with sound deadening drapes is the fact that they are a bit hard to find, especially if you want quality heavy drapes. Some of the best places to purchase these heavy drapes include:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • JC Penny
  • Target
  • Kmart
  • Custom Made or DIY Sound Deadening Drapes

The problem with most commercial sound deadening drapes is the fact that they aren’t lined, making it difficult for them to have the weight to truly be effective. For the best sound deadening drapes, it is best to purchase sound deadening fabric. This specially made fabric is usually thick, consisting of vinyl and corduroy.  It can be purchased for under $10 a yard at most fabric stores. With the right heavy drapes, you will be able to control just about any noise in your home!

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Tom Foolry May 30, 2012 at 7:35 pm

Hey, this might be just the thing that I need! I’ve had too much noise coming in from the hallway when I’ve been trying to record, and I wasn’t sure what kind of deadening would do it for me. Thanks for the recommendation!

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