Review of Short Curtain Rods: Using Mini Curtain Rods in Your Home

short curtain rods

Are you struggling to find short curtain rods? Find new ideas and the best places to buy decorative curtain rods in our exclusive review of mini curtain rods!

Are you looking for short curtain rods for your home improvement project? When many of us see mini curtain rods in stores, we can’t help but wonder how people would even use those rods. Are they meant to decorate doll house windows or do they actually have some kind of purpose. Even though it may be hard to see now, there are a variety of different uses for short curtain rods, allowing individuals to create unique window treatments and looks for their home.

Best Uses for Short Curtain Rods

When many of us think of short curtain rods, we think they must have to be short curtains.  While we have never seen these curtains, they must exist for these little 12” rods. If you are an interior designer, however, you likely view short curtain rods as a savior for some unique sized windows.  By using short curtain rods, you can create a unique looks in windows, allowing you to break up large windows to create a cleaner look that will not only look elegant, but will allow more light into your home.

Where to Use Mini Curtain Rods

While short curtain rods may be a bit difficult to find, they do have their purposes.  One of the best places where you can use short curtain rods is in basements. Most basement windows are small, meaning to allow some light into the room.  In the past, these windows were larger, meant to be a way that people could crawl to safety, but with newer walk out basements, these windows are more for show than functionality.  Using unique short curtains with decorative small curtain rods can give an elegant look to a dark basement, allowing homeowners to have an even cleaner and brighter look in their basement.

Home decorators, however, are starting to find other places where homeowners can use short curtain rods. In areas with large spans of windows, decorators are using small curtain rods to break apart the windows, allowing homeowners to enjoy the full view of the windows, while still enjoying the look of decorative curtains in their home.  While these curtains are just for show, they can be a great way to give that finishing touch to a formal living room or family room.

Purchasing Small Curtain Rods

The biggest issue that many homeowners have with using small curtains is finding somewhere that sells them.  This can be even trickier if homeowners are looking for decorative curtain rods.  Some of the best places to purchase these small curtain rods online include:

Before ordering any small curtain rods, make sure you measure your window carefully. Some places do not take back these rods easily, especially after they have been used.

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