Review of the Very Best HGTV Bedrooms: Designing a Bedroom at Home

HGTV Bedrooms

Dream of having a cute bedroom like the HGTV bedrooms on TV? Discover how you can have your very own HGTV romantic bedroom in our review of bedroom decorating!

Everyone loves watching TV when new episodes are airing of our favorite HGTV shows. It isn’t too surprising that when it is time to remodel our bedrooms that we look at all the HGTV decorating bedrooms episodes to see which type of bedroom design we want for our Master bedroom.  While it can be challenging to find the right design for our bedroom, it is always fun to see what innovative designs the expert on HGTV can create using normal, everyday furniture and household items.

Best HGTV Bedroom Ideas

When many of us look at HGTV bedrooms, we are usually drawn to a certain type of style. There are hundreds of different styles available today that can be created in your own bedroom, all of which are represented at some point by interior designs.  Since you want your master bedroom to be a relaxing place, it is usually idea to look at HGTV romantic bedrooms.  Even though quite a few people think their bedroom needs to be multiple purposed, it is usually best to have your master bedroom as a quite getaway to get away from not only the stresses of life, but your children.  While you can’t always get away, you can easily give a tranquil look to your room using common HGTV romantic bedrooms concepts.

Best HGTV Bedroom Colors

Before picking any colors for your bedroom, it is important to take into account what type of atmosphere you would prefer to have in your room.  Would you like a cheerful bedroom?  A romantic bedroom?  What about a tranquil spa bedroom?  When looking at HGTV bedrooms and styles, the colors of your bedroom can easily make or break your bedroom. It is recommend that when you are looking at HGTV bedroom colors that you avoid reds since this color has been proven to psychologically make people more nervous and aggressive.  Some of the most popular HTV bedroom colors that have appeared multiple times in episodes include:

  • Yellows
  • Blues
  • Greens

Best HGTV Ideas for Decorating Bedrooms

Once you are ready to start looking at HGTV bedrooms, don’t forget to take your budget into account. The number one mistake made by couples when it comes to redecorating their bedrooms is communication.  Remember, this is both of your master bedroom so bring in aspects of your relationship and both of your individual tastes.  As well, make sure both of you agree on a budget.  While some HGTV decorating ideas for bedrooms are inexpensive, others may cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  If you don’t have this type of money, you may want to consider going for knock off looks.  Luckily, copying many HGTV bedrooms on a budget is easy!

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