Best Scrapbook Room Ideas: Creative DIY Scrapbook Rooms

Scrapbook Room Ideas

Design your own scrapbook room with these very best scrapbook room ideas. Here’s our exclusive review of the most creative scrapbook rooms!

If you have supplies everywhere, you have likely been toying with the idea of having your own scrapbooking room. While some people may think that scrapbooking is a minor hobby, it requires more supplies than most other craft activities, making a small scrapbooking room ideal for any crafter. Luckily, there are plenty of different creative scrapbooking room ideas available online.

Best Scrapbook Room Ideas

When it comes to trying to find creative scrapbook room ideas, the first thing you need to take into account is the size of your room.  While all of us may love turning our child’s bedroom into a beautiful scrapbooking room, sometimes you do have to share it with other tasks.  Determine first how much of the room is actually able to be used as a scrapbooking room.

From there, it is a good idea to take inventory on what type of items you have and what storage is available. To save money, it is always best to get scrapbook room storage ideas from DIY sites or inexpensive furniture retailers like IKEA. Sometimes even the simplest of ideas can look truly amazing in a decorated scrapbooking room, especially with a bit of paint and creative decorating.

Best Scrapbook Room Storage Ideas

Finding the right scrapbook room storage ideas can be tricky, especially if you have a limited about of space. Instead of going out and buying expensive storage, you may want to consider building the storage for your room. Pegboard and shelving is going to be where most of your budget is going to go for your scrapbooking room. By building your shelves yourself, you can build them for specific craft items, such as paint and paper. As well, don’t forget to have a space in your room devoted to already finished work so that visits can take a look at all of your hard work!

Best Scrapbook Room Ideas Websites

Having trouble finding inspiration for your scrapbooking room? Don’t worry, most of us do at some point. That is why interior designers are called in all the time to help crafters create the perfect scrapbooking room retreat. Some of the most well known designs for scrapbooking rooms include:

While some of these ideas may be complicated, they can easily be incorporated into nearly any space. If you feel that your space is truly too small for a scrapbooking room or for proper scrapbook room storage ideas, you may want to consider getting in a professional contractor or interior decorator.  With their expertise and the right amount of planning, you can easily have the scrapbooking or craft room of your dreams in no time!

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