Review of Using Bendable Curtain Rods: Custom Windows Rods

bendable curtain rods

Are you looking for bendable curtain rods for bay windows? Discover the best places for buying bendable curtain rods in our review of custom curtain rods!

When many of us look for curtain rods, we get traditional curtain rods that are meant to fit above a window exactly.  The problem is, however, how are you supposed to put a rod above an oddly shaped window? While this may seem like a problem, the answer is simple – use bendable curtain rods.  Even though these rods are popular with custom windows, they are can be used for other home projects, allowing you to create fun, and unique look with these flexible curtain rods.

Review of Using Bendable Curtain Rods

Unless you have an odd sized window in your home, you assume that you will likely never have to use bendable curtain rods.  Things change, however, when you find out that your new home has a bay window.  While these windows are lovely, it is usually best to have some sort of window covering over a bay window, allowing you to either control light or finish the look of your room.  The best types of rods for this type of window are bendable curtain rods for bay windows. These large, especially mode rods are perfect for creating a finished look without ruling out any style of curtain for your home.

Best uses for Flexible Curtain Rods

Even if you do not have bay windows, you may be able to find other uses for bendable curtain rods in your home. Many people are using bendable curtain rods to create dividers in their rooms with curtains.  This gives an easy divide for children’s room, giving them a fun area to play without spending a great deal of money.  As well, you can also use these bendable curtain rods in your bathroom.  To help give a more defining look to a master bathroom, more homeowners are getting rid of glass enclosures for their showers and putting up decorative curtains for privacy.  With these types of flexible curtain rods, you can create a unique looking area around your shower that not only looks fun, but can give a custom look for your home if you are selling.

Buying Bendable Curtain Rods

If you need to buy flexible curtain rods or bendable curtain rods for bay windows, you can usually find these special rods in your local hardware store. Home Depot and Lowes usually keeps these bendable rods in stock, at least in common sizes.  The problem is finding decorative rods or oddly sized bendable curtain rods.  Instead of trying to make it work, you can always buy the right type of flexible curtain rods online. The best places to purchase these bendable curtain rods online include:

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